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【FULL】Oh My Drama Lover EP03 | 超时空恋人| iQIYI

11.11 Single Day
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【Introduction】A third-rate mystery romance writer, Li Chunxi (played by Claire Jia), suddenly gets into a car accident. When she wakes up, she realizes she has become Qian Zhenzhen (played by Zhu Lilan). Not only has she lost her memory, but she is also often controlled by a voice-over narration, making her do manipulative things to seduce her boss, Ouyang Chen (played by Lou Ming). Ouyang Chen starts fiercely pursuing Qian Zhenzhen, but Zhenzhen’s assistant Lu Li (played by Zhang Meng) has gradually occupied an important place in her heart. However, the innocent and harmless-looking Lu Li actually has a double identity.

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