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12 BEST Fan Reactions To Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Split

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Many thought Taylor and Calvin would last forever, but as Nelly Furtado taught us, all good things must come to an end. They dated for 15 months, which when converted to celebrity time, is 5 years so the disappointment is warranted. And when the news of their split leaked, Twitter lost its mind.
One fan tweeted QUOTE - “My family just expects me to eat dinner like a normal person who hasn't just found out that love is dead. What's wrong with them?” Another fan wrote - “Taylor & calvin actually broke up? I honestly can't believe this, true love is dead and the world is ending.” The dramatics continued with, - “Can I call in sick tomorrow because Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris broke up.” Another woke up to the world in chaos, writing QUOTE - “I take a nap for 20 mins and Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris break up and Emma Stone & Austin Stowell are dating.” Another said - “I wonder who is more upset about Taylor and Calvin breaking up me or Taylor. Probably me.” One fan was not ready for divorce court writing - “taylor and calvin [are] my parents pls dont spilt up mom, dad,” while another fan just accepted that they would die alone saying QUOTE - “If Taylor and Calvin broke up then I guess love isn’t real and I should never try for it again.” Another commenter fast-forwarded through Taylor’s grieving phases, saying QUOTE - “The last stage of Taylor Swift's grief is acceptance speech.” Let’s be real, he has a point.
And while many fans were crushed by the news, others found the silver lining. One fan cut to the chase and wrote what everyone’s thinking saying QUOTE - “OK LOVE IS DEAD, BUT BRING ON THIS ALBUM.” Another fan resorted to ice cream for their choice of poison saying - “oh my god taylor and calvin broke up this is going to be the most emotional album. my body isn’t ready. i need ice cream stat.” Another didn’t know how to feel, tweeting - “Taylor Swift is single again and I'm not sure if I'm sad or happy about the music to come.” But my favorite had to be the fan who kept it real saying QUOT
Gotta love the internet. So what were your initial reactions to the break-up heard around the world? Sound off in the comment section below, don’t forget to subscribe and then click right over here to check out a brand new episode of Beauty Trippin’ that involves some pretty awesome parasailing. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m Danielle Robay and I’ll see you next time.
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