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6 WTF Moments From "Scream Queens" Premiere 1x01 & 1x02

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The season premiere of Ryan Murphy’s highly anticipated dram-com series Scream Queens aired last night and let’s just say there were enough murder scenes, comical one-liners and Chanel characters to fill an entire Kappa household.
And for the warning I may or may not be about to dish some serious spoilers, so keep watching at your own risk while watching your own back for the Red Devil killer at all times.
So now let’s kick this Kappa party off with 6 of the most WTF moments from the premiere, BUT just FYI, so much craziness went down, so I highly suggest tuning in for yourself.
The series began with a complete blood bath, but literally, because an old Kappa circa 1995 died post giving birth while her sisters were dancing the night away to “Waterfalls.” But that’s beside the point. I am sorry to report that the first main character left us far too soon, and I will do you a favor and skip the skin-melting details about the spray tan death and the deep fryer death. But poor Chanel No. 2, AKA Ariana Grande, was the first victim of the red mask killer in what is sure to go down as the most politely executed murder ever.
Maybe she was just so in shock or maybe she was really in the mood to dance? But neither of those excuse the fact that before she thought to run, she attempted to tweet for help, but she was just one second from pressing “send” too late.
And after the Kappas found Chanel No. 2 dead in the sorority house, a geeky Kappa pledge nicknamed Neck Brace, played by Lea Michele, perfectly but SO disturbingly described how to dismember her body, causing us all to be haunted by head-gear bearing girls in the future to come.
YEAH, WHAT?! But hey, it only gets creepier so let’s move onto the next death, which involves a lawnmower, a buried alive body and you guessed it: The red devil killer. I won’t go into too much detail, but as a hazing ritual, the pledges were helplessly buried neck deep into the ground, and the red devil drove a lawn mower right over Deaf Taylor Swift. Another day, another blood bath. RIP Deaf T-Swift.
And I have to hand it to Emma Roberts and her family of fur coats, because those totally inappropriate one-liners that made all the sense but no sense at the same time totally gave me life and they deserve to count as their own WTF moments, like this one:
I won’t spoil the rest for you so you’re just gonna have to tune in. And just as all the mystery keeps building, angelic newbie pledge Grace, starts catching the feeling bug for Pete the barista, but he may have more to do with all the murder mystery than we had hoped. She opens his dorm room closet to find the entire red devil killer costume, to which he responds “I’m a mascot.” Uhh, a mascot of death? I’d say that’s a red flag.
And finally, we cannot go without mentioning shirtless weightlifting Nick Jonas, obvi, who plays Boone, a gay pledge and also the next red devil victim.
And although we thought Boone to be dead after seeing his throat being slit, the episode ends when he wakes up and rips off the stick-on slit in his throat, as he was awaited the red devil’s appearance. Up to NO good, that one. But until next week will we hopefully get more of the answers we were looking for.
So I know there were a TON more OMG WTF EW moments, and that’s why it’s your turn to do the talking. If you tuned into the premiere of Scream Queens, let me know all your thoughts on the show and which moment had you totally cringing, or laughing, or screaming, and you can let me know all that right down here in the comments section. After that don’t forget to click right over here to check out a brand new episode of Totally Clevver that involves celeb hair and inkblots and crazy shenanigans. Thanks so much for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Joslyn Davis and may you sleep well tonight…
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