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7-Eleven Food in Japan | Our $20 Japanese Convenience Store Lunch for 2!

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In this Japanese 7-Eleven food mukbang, we create a meal for 2 spending just under $20. Convenience stores are very popular in Japan and you can often find multiple stores in a single street corner. For this video, we decided to focus on 7-Eleven, which we frequented at least once a day during our travels in Japan. We'll show you inside the convenience store as we put together our lunch, and then we'll eat some of these new-to-us Japanese dishes at our apartment.
7/11 Food We Tried:
- Egg Tuna Salad
- Tuna Onigiri Rice Triangle
- Dry Squid
- Yakisoba
- Soba
- Glazed Donut
- Matcha Cookie
- Matcha Pancake with Bean Paste
- Suntory Sparkling
- Sports Drink
- Vitamin C Drink
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Hey guys! We are Samuel and Audrey, a vlogging travel couple from Canada. In this travel channel we share our travel and food vlogs while touring the world. Our most recent trip was to Japan where we spent 2 months traveling around the country and visiting the following destinations: Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Nikko, Takayama, Yokohama, Odaiba, Shirakawa-gō and Takao.
During our stay, we visited a mixture of big cities and small rural towns, where we enjoyed eating Japanese street food, trying traditional Japanese cuisine, visiting local attractions and staying in unique accommodations (such as capsule hotels and ryokans) that we are now going to share with you on this channel. The combination and contrast of visiting futuristic cities and traditional countryside areas is what makes travel to Japan so fascinating. Ultra modern versus traditional. This is the essence of Japan.
Our trip to Japan was unforgettable and until now it is one of our favorite countries that we have come to know. However, we only feel as though we just scratched the surface on this trip to Japan. If you want to see more videos from Japan in the future, let us know in the comments that places you'd like us to travel to and food experiences you would like to see on this travel channel.
Have you traveled to Japan before? What was your experience like? Please share your Japan travel tips, advice and experiences in the comments below.
Thanks again for watching our Japan series! Until next time!
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This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture, and Japanese cuisine.
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