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7 Things We Love From Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Music Video

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Taylor Swift + Bad Blood + The entire squad equals one epic mind blowing kick-off to the 2015 Billboard Music Awards and we’re breaking down the best moments right now!
What’s up guys, and welcome back to Clevver’s Trophy Life, where I’m about 2 seconds away from hyperventilating because of what we all just witnessed, but Ima try to keep my cool. So Taylor, or should I say SLAYlor and her group of fierce gal pals kicked off the BBMAs with a serious bang and it’s just as wall-bashing-knife-throwing-face-knockingly EPIC as you’d have thought, so while I got my fists up and my adrenaline flowing, I’m gonna break down 7 of the best moments from the video while it’s red hot in my mind. Let’s do this.
First off, ALL HAIL KENDRICK LAMAR. So we all knew Bad Blood was a killer track, but Kendrick not only starred in the video as Welvin da Great (yes, there were alter ego names for everyone), Kendrick also dropped some sick rap verses throughout the song and the whole world stopped for a quick sec. Check it out:
AND MIC DROP. iTunes betta help a sista out, cause I need the Kendrick remix version of Bad Blood like yesterday. Next up, I love how the video started because Selena Gomez AKA Arsyn and Taylor AKA Catastrophe seemed to be assassins on the same team, until Selena completely turned on her, causing a helpless Taylor to fly through the windows of the building… and that’s when Catastrophe called the squad and Things. Got. Ugly.
Number three goes out to the boxing ring scene. This made the list because we all knew a fight between Catastrophe and Karlie Kloss’ character Knockout was about to go down, but our jaws dropped when Catastrophe threw the final punch at Knockout causing what we can only assume to be a spit-flying break to the jaw. But don’t worry, I’m sure these real-life besties hugged and made up after.
Number 4 on our list comes throughout the video when Catastrophe trains with all her assassins and transforms into multiple slay-inducing outfits that caused Swifties to endure a massive heart attack round the world. From her beginning nude and black garter outfit and spiky crop top, to her sleek black jumpsuit and frigid snow queen get up, we now have full blown proof that Taylor could pull off a black trash bag and still look like a queen. #FashionGoals.
In at number 5, the burning question we were all wondering was if Taylor’s cats, Meredith and Olivia were going to make a cameo in the video, and in a sense they kinnnnnda did because Taylor featured the actresses who played the characters her cats were named after (shoutout to you Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson!) and they even joined forces as Justice and Luna, walking through the doors TOGETHER. MEEEOOWWW!
Ok, so remember when I said that Taylor could literally pull of any look? Well, although her bestie Ed Sheeran wasn’t in the video, she definitely channeled his signature red hair and couldn’t have rocked it better. Yeah that’s right. Red-headed Taylor makes a cameo and she was lookin all sorts of RED HOT.
And finally, the absolute best part of the Bad Blood music video was the characters and their preparation for the final showdown between Catastrophe and Arsyn at the very end. Seeing each character come to life channeling their special skill was like a Hunger Games training sesh all over again, and although the winner of the battle between Catastrophe and Arsyn is unknown since the first punch was thrown right when the video ends, props to T-Swift for always keeping us on our toes….
So if there’s one thing we can all take away from Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated Bad Blood music video, DO NOT MESS WITH T-SWIFT Y’ALL! And if you haven’t RIP-ed yet and you’re still breathing, what did you think about it? Was it totally worth the wait and everything you ever dreamed of?! Let me know all your thoughts in the comments section below, and after that you can click right over here to check out Taylor and her squad completely slay the Billboard fashion game, but really would you expect anything less? Thanks for checking in with Clevver’s Trophy Life, I’m your host Misty Kingma and I’ll see ya next time!
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