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'Alien' Girl Wants To Be Permanently Blue | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

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GOING from J-fashion Barbie to ‘alien freak’ has been a natural progression for a girl who says she is looking for a way to become ‘permanently blue’. Lhouraii Li, who previously made the news in 2013 as the ‘Barbie of Bradford’, has undergone a dramatic change over the past six years and now regularly covers herself in blue paint. Aside from the paint, she also now suffers from severe Agoraphobia, which means she can’t be in public or she’ll experience a panic attack. Lhouraii, who spends her time on her canal boat in the north of England, told Barcroft Studios: “I’ve always wanted blue skin. Whenever I’d watch films or shows or see a game with a blue character I’d just think it looked so beautiful."
Videographer / director: Jimmy Wu
Producer: Frazer Randalls
Editor: Ian Phillips
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