Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Son BREAKS SILENCE On Rocky Relationship With Brad!


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What’s up everyone it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and Maddox Jolie-Pitt is finally speaking out about his strained relationship with his adopted father, Brad Pitt.

As most stories go, it all started in 2016 aboard the family private jet.

Brad and Angie were getting in a pretty steamy fight. According to sources close to the family, there is a video of the altercation where Brad looks like he’s intoxicated.

Apparently somewhere in the mix, Maddox, Angie and Brad got into a fight. He got in Brad’s face to defend his mom from his father, but there was apparently no physical altercation between any of the three family members.

A few days later, Angelina filed for divorce from Brad, which was all you heard about in the headlines for weeks afterwards.

That is, until allegations of child abuse came into play for Brad. Angelina put out accusations that Brad got physical with his then-15 year old son aboard that plane.

An investigation was done by the FBI and the Los Angeles department of children and family services. Shortly after, Brad was cleared of the allegations, the dust seemed to settle for a bit. Though most people were shocked that Hollywood’s biggest power couple were no longer.

They had 6 children together while they were together – 3 biological and 3 that were adopted internationally.

Maddox is their oldest child and the first to go off to college. Angelina adopted him when he was just 1 year old way back in 2002. Once Brad and Angelina got together in 2005, Brad started looking after Maddox and Zahara. He legally adopted both of them in January of 2006 and had both of their last names changed to Jolie-Pitt.

Fast forward 13 years, Maddox is at college and the relationship between he and brad is still strained! Maddox doesn’t know if he even wants his dad to come visit him.

Actually – just last month – Maddox said that he doesn’t consider himself Brad’s son anymore. That is, at least according to a source close to the family. But that same source said that Maddox and Angelina are very close.

It’s been nearly 3 years since the incident on the plane, and apparently, according to sources, there’s still a lot of bad blood between them. At least on Maddox’s end.

Brad and Angelina have had 3 years of a back and forth custody battle since their separation. And Brad supposedly had custody of the kids over the summer.

This is due in part to shoot dates for the famous couple. Their schedules largely dictate who goes to which parent and when.

A lot of times, though, according to sources, Maddox refused to get out of the car to go to his father’s house during visitations or custody changes. Even on Christmas he refused to visit Brad. Apparently, Maddox’s little brother Pax has similar feelings about Brad. He also refused to visit him last Christmas.

Maddox will be now be spending quite some time away from both of his parents. He is currently enrolled in school in South Korea and he says that he is going to live in the dorms.

In a short video obtained by In Touch Weekly, a reporter caught up with Maddox in South Korea and asked him about his new life as a college student.

Maddox was asked, “What about your dad is he going to come and visit?” to which he said, “Um I don’t know about that.”
The pap kept probing by asking, “Is your relationship with him sort of over?” And Maddox gave it to the pap bluntly saying, “Well whatever happens happens.”

Brad’s been pretty quiet about the whole thing. He did the cover story for GQ back in 2017 where he discussed his divorce and how he quit drinking.

Besides this interview, Brad hasn’t spoken out much about his strained relationship with Maddox. In it, he never even speaks his name.

Meanwhile, Radar Online is reporting that Angelina is looking to adopt another child after Maddox has left for college, but I’m gonna need more proof on that before I state it as fact.

But Angie, DID actually bring Maddox to South Korea to help him settle into school there.

And according to reports, all of the other kids that Brad and Angie parented together are closer with their father than Maddox. He apparently has never gotten over the fight and is really protective of his mother.

Well I for one hope that Maddox settles into school well and that his and Brad’s relationship eventually mends. Maddox is still only 18, so hopefully one day they can work things out.

But right now I want to hear from you! What are your thoughts on this news? And do you hope to see a reconciliation between Brad and Maddox? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!
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