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Annie Leblanc Does Her Best Asher Angel IMPRESSION & Talks “Utopia” BTS Moments| Hollywire

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Annie Leblanc is in the Hollywire studio for our BEHIND THE FAME podcast. We’re talking to Annie about EVERYTHING. From her boyfriend Asher Angel, to her new song “Utopia” and everything in between. Annie has done it all. She’s been in numerous TV shows for Brat Network, she’s collaborated with other artists like Hayden Summerall, she’s won a Teen Choice Award and now she’s making music that she couldn’t be more proud of. Annie says “Utopia” feels like it is the first song that is completely hers. She also says she’s can’t wait continue making music that she loves and speaks to who she is. Another great part of her Annie? Her sense of style. This girl can ROCK a red carpet look. Annie breaks down some of her favorite red carpet looks with us. We also talk about her sister Hayley who has recently risen to some serious fame. Annie tells us how she tries to be a good sister to Hayley and vise versa. Annie is extremely talented and SO cute! We always love catching up with her. Stay tuned on Hollywire for more Annie Leblanc news!
Julianna Grace “Annie” LeBlanc is a 14 year-old teen icon from Fort Gordon, Georgia. Annie is a singer, Youtuber, actress and a former gymnast. She rose to fame back in 2010 through her families Youtube vlog channel, Bratayley. She currently stars on the Brat web series ‘Chicken Girls’ and ‘A Girl Named Jo’. She has almost 8 million followers on Instagram. Her fan based is OBSESSED with her and her, Asher Angel. They are viewed as the teen ‘It’ couple. Fans call them 'Ashannie'. There are hundreds of couple fan accounts that are dedicated to their relationship and we are just as obsessed with them. Annie recently has been doing videos with her sister Hayley. The two are true "sister goals". She most recently released a song and music video titled "Utopia". The music video features her heartthrob boyfriend, Asher Angel.
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