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Ariana Grande's Back For More Scream Queens!

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If you haven’t already gotten a chance to watch Scream Queens, A. I don’t know what you’re doing with you life and B. you might want to turn your head because I might spoil some of the goods, but really you should know.
The first night of Scream Queens was a great one, however many characters like Aria’s chanel #2 and The Taylor Swift obsessed blonde chick got killed Pretty Quickly, not to mention Nick Jonas, although towards the END of the episode we found…. SPOILER ALERT!! FOR REAL SPOILER ALERT… that he was indeed still in on the action… But let me tell you after Ariana’s character Chanel #2 was killed in what I thought was probably the most epic scene of the night… You know texting and Tweeting… LOL… We’ve just got confirmation from Ryan Murphy the creator himself that we HAVE not, I repeat HAVE NOT seen the last of Ari on the show!
Ryan took to Twitter saying QUOTE: Everybody have faith! @ArianaGrande is coming back! #ScreamQueens
So everyone keep your chill! Variety has learned that she will be in for at least three episodes… YESSSSSSS Variety stated that the pop star has already filmed two more episodes and her next is slated to air next week on September 29th and after that she will be seen again but we’re not exactly sure when, seeing as the show is still filming!
There is no word on how Grande will resurface on the show, maybe she never died, or maybe she’s coming back as a ghost, I don’t know she could even haunt someone’s dreams, I don’t really care how she makes a comeback as long as she makes one…
I also want to point out that Emma Roberts character, really gives me life!!!
The episode ended leaving me thinking that it’s pretty possibly that anyone among could in fact be the killer, and I’ve got my opinions but I want to hear yours!!! Who do you think the killer could be AND how excited are you for Ari’s return??? Get to talking in the comment section below, don’t forget to subscribe then click here to check out some tools you can style use to style your hair when it’s wet!! That’s on beauty break, so don’t miss it!! I’m Ryland Adams, Thanks for hanging and Happy Friday!!
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