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Authentic Isaan Street Food in Bangkok at Som Tam Jay So (ร้านส้มตำเจ๊โส)

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Located in Silom, Som Tam Jay So (ร้านส้มตำเจ๊โส) is one of my new favorite restaurants in Bangkok to eat som tam (green papaya salad). More on (coming soon)
Silom is one of the biggest downtown and financial districts of Bangkok, and there are many good restaurants and street food stalls. And along with that, you’ll find an abundance of Isaan (northeastern Thailand) restaurants and street food stalls throughout Bangkok… but not all of them are that good. One day, while in Silom during lunch, Ying and I stopped at a place called Som Tam Jay So (ร้านส้มตำเจ๊โส) to eat some different types of Thai green papaya salad, and a few of their other specialities. It turned out to be some of the best som m, green papaya salad, that I’ve had in a long time in Bangkok. It’s now one of my favorite street food restaurants in Bangkok. Here are the dishes we ordered:
Som tam sua (ส้มตำซั่ว) - This is a green papaya salad with rice vermicelli noodles it. It also included a variety of other vegetables, plus lots of chilies, and fermented fish sauce. It was absolutely stunning.
Tam ba (ตำป่า) - For another plate of green papaya salad, we got the tam ba (ตำป่า), jungle style, with a big mixture of different ingredients, and again flavored heavily with fermented fish sauce. It was again incredibly delicious, unbelievably good.
Bik gai yang (ปีกไก่ย่าง) - Another thing they are famous for serving at Som Tam Jay So (ร้านส้มตำเจ๊โส) is grilled chicken wings. And the wings were so golden and crispy looking, that if it wasn’t for them telling me they were grilled I would have thought they were deep fried. The chicken wings were excellent, with flavor going all the way to the bone.
Kaw moo yang (คอหมูย่าง) - I wasn’t planning on ordering the fatty grilled pork neck, but when I saw it in the cabinet waiting to be served, I had to order it. The pork neck was absolutely incredible - it was tender and juicy, and you could really taste the grilled smoky flavor.
Tom Saeb moo (ต้มแซ่บหมู) - One of the popular soups in Isaan is tom Saeb moo (ต้มแซ่บหมู), a meaty and sour soup. This was pretty good, nice and spicy, and slightly sour with lots of meat and various pieces of intestine and other things in it.
Laab neau (ลาบเนื้อ) - The laab neau (ลาบเนื้อ), minced meat salad, was also incredibly delicious, with just the right flavor and plenty of chilies.
Khao neow (ข้าวเหนียว) - Finally, no Isaan meal can be eaten without sticky rice.
Som Tam Jay So (ร้านส้มตำเจ๊โส)
Address: Soi Piphat 2, Silom, Bangkok 10500
Open hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm daily
ที่อยู่ ซอยพิพัฒ 2 สีลม บางรัก กรุงเทพมหานคร 10500
โทร. 085-999-4225
เปิดบริการทุกวัน 8.30 - 16.30 น.
Total price for everything we ate - 339 THB
Som Tam Jay So (ร้านส้มตำเจ๊โส) serves some of the most authentic and best Isaan food and green papaya salad that I’ve had in Bangkok.
This Thai street food video was filmed and produced by Mark Wiens and Ying Wiens in Bangkok, Thailand. Check out our blog here:
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