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Behind The Scenes: Different Chemistry Between Ren & Ge | Make A Wish | 喵,请许愿 | iQiyi

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【Introduction】Chi Yan, a bookstore owner, is celibate and a “Buddhist Youth” who’s embraced a laissez-faire approach to life. One day, he saves a cat under a car. When he wakes up the next day, this cat turns into a beautiful girl called Xiao Xiu, who’s from the Meow Planet located in a parallel world. Xiao Xiu must grant Chi Yan, her savior, a wish so that she can return to her own planet. However, Chi Yan does not wish for anything, making it very challenging for Xiao Xiu to repay his kindness. As she moves into the bookstore and becomes Chi Yan’s roommate, a series of hilarious encounters ensue. Meanwhile, Chi Yan’s broken heart is healed by the joyful and innocent Xiao Xiu.

【Cast】Ren You Lun, Gia Ge Xinyi, Anna Hollen, Wang Tian Yu, Zhu Min Xin, Zhang He Hao Zhen

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请许愿, iQiyi, Make A Wish ep18 sub eng
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