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Ben Azelart Talks Being in a Relationship & His Own TV Show!! | Hollywire

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Ben Azelart is in the Hollywire studio!! We play a hilarious game of Noggin's Up with Ben and he kills it! We discuss how he got started on YouTube two years ago while living in Hawaii. He tells us about the first video he made in Hawaii skateboarding off a cliff! Ben comes up with most of his videos on his own and he collaborates with his friends. Also, we discuss his relationship do's and don'ts and whats next for his career.
Ben Azelart is a skateboarding Youtuber who was born in Texas on January 10th, 2002. Ben has garnered a lot of attention from his outrageous and entertaining self titled Youtube channel, where he would upload adventurous skating videos. From then
on he became an internet star and has over 1 million followers on Instagram. Ben’s most watched videos include: Skateboarding, cliff jumping, and other fun internet challenges. Nowadays you can also find Ben participating in a reality T.V. show called “Bucket
List” where he is seen skating and being himself all around. #BenAzelart #BenAzelartyoutube #BenAzelartvideos
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