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BENTONG? Durian? No , it's wan tan noodles!

11.11 Single Day
Did you know that Bentong is not just famous for Musang King durians? Take a short hop over to this border town and discover an amazing variety of local culinary delights at the town's market area. Take a look at this video that features the decades old colonial style shop lots housing the Yuan Kee Kopitiam. This double lot shop is jammed pack in the morning because of one specialty that have been around for ages. This is the 2nd generation, 4 decades old Hooi Ji Wan Ton Noodles stall. The video shows the noodle being prepared on the spot. Indeed, the stall is famous for its home-made stringy yellow noodles that are boric-acid free, smooth wan tons dumplings and the tempting barbecue pork "char siew". All made fresh everyday and they finish their stock everyday. The stall begins its day as early as 3am, starts selling at 6:45 am and finishes around 11:50 am. Locals and visitors can be seen patiently waiting around the crowded shop early. Come and grab your seat for a taste of a 4-decade old local specialty.
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