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BEST sandwiches in Auckland | You ain’t see anything like this ???? | Level 3 takeaways #shorts

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So elated to FINALLY be chowing down on a Hero Sandwich Store creation but equally gutted that we left it this long to visit because these sandwiches are NEXT. LEVEL. Order takeaways from these guys gang- it’ll be the best life choice you make.
We eat:⁣⁣⁣
Charred brisket roti | juicy, tender spicy brisket, pickles, onion, basil and a deliciously creamy aioli like sauce all wrapped up in a soft, chewy roti- holy moly kind of stuff right here | $16⁣

Filet o Fish | a hefty crumbed patty of smoked kahawai, a caper laden tartare sauce and oozy cheese sandwiched between a steamed muffin. Loved the generous flakes of kahawai and the tangy tartare - a must eat (although we suspect everything on the menu is!) $16⁣
Total $32 ⁣

Hero Sandwich House, 42 Airedale Street, CBD, Auckland 1010
Makanan - Food
Chasing a plate, Auckland, New Zealand
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