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Bhad Bhabie GOES OFF On Nicki Minaj & Cardi B & Claims They Don't Write Their Own Music

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Bhad Bhabie is being trolled by Nicki Minaj's fans after she claimed that both Nicki, Cardi B, and other MAJOR artists don't write their own music.
What’s up? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and Bhad Bhabie, AKA Danielle Bregoli’s, social media pages are being flooded by the Barbz after she said that Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Drake, Beyonce, and more don’t write their own music.
This all started yesterday when Bhad Bhabie went on Instagram Live to express her frustrations with the music industry.
She went off about how much the general public doesn’t know about what goes on behind the scenes in the industry, especially when it comes to artists getting other people to write their music.
Which, she might be right, we don’t know everything, but she took digs at pretty much every respectable artist in the industry.
She said that they all have had people write music for them at one point or another.
And I’m sorry, didn’t we already know this? No one writes all of their music alone.
Often times they collaborate, write songs for each other, work in teams, etc.
Anyway, Danielle then went on to say that she, Nicki, and Cardi B are the three biggest female artists and that we can look it up if we don’t believe her.
Ok well, I just did actually look it up and if we’re talking about female artists only, specifically rappers… no shade to Danielle, but from just a little Google search, I’ve found right now it’s Nicki, Cardi, and Megan Thee Stallion.
But back to Danielle’s tirade against Nicki, Cardi and everyone else.
She then took us on a little tour of her house showing us all of her plaques and accomplishments, while simultaneously insulting our intelligence.
I really think she could benefit from taking a note out of Taylor Swift’s new album… Danielle…
And although Danielle’s rant wasn't specifically directed at Nicki, she pretty much went after everyone in the industry and if true fashion … The Barbz took it upon themselves to stand up for their queen.
They are flooding Danielle’s latest instagram post with shade and slamming her on Twitter.
One person said quote, “You obsessed wit Nicki so much yet you love to flip flop in every interview. One minute its Nicki then the next its Cardi then on live you bashin the both of them girl get a life”
And another Nicki fan said quote, keep nicki name out your mouth u don’t write anything”
And one person just went off on Danielle and said quote, “Wait , why is she famous again? Oh yeah that's right , for being a disrespectful brat and having no talent.”
And over on Twitter someone said quote, “When a female "rapper" feel threatened by Nicki Minaj always speak shits! As @BhadBhabie !! When u doesnt be relevant and u are out of the charts always attack another female rappers.”
And that person isn’t wrong. I mean Nicki and Cardi sort of paved the way for someone like Danielle.
But none of that stopped Bhad Babie going live again said saying quote, “I forgot that Nicki's fandom, majority of them are brainwashed and braindead and just so in love with her that they believe anything she says.”
She continued on and said quote, “Not once did I ever say that Nicki doesn't write all of her music or that Cardi doesn't write all of her music ...What I said was hooks are given to them and verses are given to them sometimes.”
So it doesn’t seem like anything is going to change Danielle’s mind on this one.
But I want to know what you guys think of all this.
Does it matter to you if artists write all of their own music? And who would you say are the three biggest female artists right now?
Let me know down in the comments below.
And while you’re down there make sure to subscribe to Clevver News and hit the bell so you are notified every time we post a new video. Then click right over here for more entertainment news. Thanks for watching I’m Emile Ennis Jr. and I’ll see you next time.
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