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Body Camera Review My Transcend Body Camera DrivePro Body 10

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I am an open carrier of firearm here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here in Nevada we have the right to open carry and we also have the right to concealed carry with a permit. Along with the firearm I carry I also carry a body camera in order to record any interactions that I may have that I may consider questionable at best. In this video I am going to review the body camera that I carry. It is in my best interest that if you live in a city and state that allows open carry that you get a body cam to record any "hassles" that might arise in order to protect your rights. The story in the next below explains why.
Last week I was having a conversation with some members of an Open Carry organization that I am a member of. I was telling them about the body cam that I had recently bought because I do openly carry a firearm most of the time and I got the cam in order to record any activity I deemed necessary to be recorded. In the conversation one of the members said that if they needed to record "something" that they would just reach for their cell phone and start recording. I told that person that in my opinion if you do reach for your cell phone you could run the risk of being shot by mistake and that is why the body cam is a better bet. Just press the button if you have the chance to and away your go! Well, a couple of days ago here in Las Vegas a man was approached by police and he reached for something that turned out to be his cell phone. In turn because the man did not follow the instructions of the police he was shot and killed. Whether the man was a good guy or a bad guy the thing is that if you can't turn your cam on do listen to the directions of the police and do what you are told to do. In this video I am reviewing the body camera that I use daily to protect myself as I do carry a firearm openly and I never know who I might run into.
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