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Brad Pitt Saves Young Fan From Being Crushed By Crowd

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As if the Brad Pitt doesn’t already have enough tacked onto his resume, he can now officially include REAL LIFE SUPER HERO… but are we really surprised at this point?
When duty called, it was none other than Brad Pitt to the rescue earlier this week after the actor took a break from filming his upcoming World War II movie ‘Allied’ to greet a swarming group of eager fans just outside set. Although Brad was occupied waving to the crowd, he wasn’t too distracted to notice a young girl caught up in the hype of the mosh pit as she was being pushed up against a fence. What he did next pretty much deserves an honorary badge of heroism, or really just a pat on the back for being a decent human being…
As he pointed to the girl from afar, many fans assumed he was coming over to greet them, however, he assisted with pulling the girl out of the crowd, comforting her and rubbing her head, and I’m also going to tack on ‘dad-of-the-year’ to his resume while I’m at it.
And, of course, in true Brad spirit, he made sure she was ok before giving the crowd one final wave and going on his way. So now that you just witnessed Brad in action, I want to know what you guys thought about this whole situation, but really just how lucky the girl is to be comforted by THE BRAD PITT. I just hope this video is saved for her to witness 10 years down the line… but you can share all your thoughts right down here in the comments section below and after that, don’t forget to click right over here to check out a brand new Beauty Trippin' where the girls are gettin’ all Cirque du soleil on us. Thanks so much for checking in with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Ryland Adams and go out and do a good deed now.
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