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Bulgogi with Bean Sprouts (불고기 + 콩나물 = 콩불) - Eating Korean Food in Seoul, Korea

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Come join us for one of our favorite dishes (Bulgogi - 불고기) in Seoul, Korea! The marinated Korean beef literally means 'fire meat' when directly translated from Korean and is one of the gateway foods for foreigners first trying Korean dishes because it is not as spicy or exotic in taste. Along with our Pulgogi (불고기) we also try Kongbul (콩불) which is a modern twist on Bulgogi that sometimes includes cheese and Korean red pepper paste (gochujang).
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Bulgogi (불고기) - Eating Korean Food in Seoul, Korea Travel Video Transcript:
Alright, so time for another delicious lunch in Seoul (서울). Yeah, exactly. So today we're going for a very classic Korean dish. We're having Bulgogi (불고기) which literally means 'fire meat' and we've placed our order.
So if you have a look here we have Miyeok guk (미역국) which is a seaweed soup. And they've given us a little bowl so we can just serve ourselves.
Yeah, this is one of our favorite little side soups that are often served at Korean restaurants.
So you can see it sizzling. Here is the classic Bulgogi (불고기) and this is one of my favorite Korean foods. It is just amazing and I haven't had this in a long time. This is my first time to have it since we came back to Seoul (서울).
So if we take a look down here we'll show you some of the ingredients. So here you can see the strips of meat and they've what really makes Pulgogi (불고기) so delicious is that the marinade. The marinade is just awesome.
A sweet marinade. It is a very sweet marinade. So it is made with soy sauce, sugar, sesame seed sauce and it also has garlic and peppers. Pepper in it too.
It is just an amazing sauce. That is really what makes it. And you can also see here we have a what I think it called Kongnamnul (콩나물) which are the bean sprouts.
And we also have some tteok (떡). Some rice cakes. Korean rice cakes. So we've got a lot of different things going on. And some noodles. I saw some glass noodles in there earlier.
Oh, how is that? Wow! That is the real deal. Yeah. That is classic Bulgogi (불고기) and it the sauce that makes it taste so good. Mmmm.
Yeah. Those thin slices of meat. This restaurant specializes in Bulgogi (불고기) so they have so many different variations and I'm really excited to try the next one. Yeah.
Alright, so the second one that we ordered is ready. Sam, you know the name. What is this one called. Yeah. It is called Cheese Kongbul (치즈 콩불). Alright so it is a cheese Kongbul (치즈 콩불) and we have never had this before. This is Korean food we have yet to try. It was amazing. The guy came and cooked both dishes for us. Yeah. And then once this one was done he added cheese and all over it and it has just been melting and getting sticky and gooey. It kind of looks like something in between Bulgogi (불고기) and tteokbokki (떡볶이) with cheese. Haha.
Yeah. Let's try it. It has got a lot going on. So what can we can tell from the ingredients that we have so far?
Alright, well again we have your beansprouts. We have some onions, we have rice cakes, the beef of course the bulgogi (불고기).
Lots of cheese. Um, and yeah I think it is going to be spicy. I'm seeing some of the red pepper happening here.
Yeah, it was one on the menu it had a little star beside it saying this is a hit. You know one of the best things.
It is super spicy. Oh my. Super spicy. My eyes are actually watering right now. Do you think they use a gochujang sauce (고추장) possibly?
Red pepper paste. Definitely. And it is so cheesy and gooey. I feel like I'm having Korean pizza toppings in a way. This is amazing.
To all our viewers it is worth trying new things. We have never had this before. First time reaction.
Although in terms of the price point they were eight thousand Won (원) each. So sixteen thousand Won (원) in total. Which is ₩16,000 KRW. So you're looking at about thirteen or forteen US dollars for those dishes. And yeah they were really tasty. Yeah, and that also came of course with the banchan (반찬), the sides, the rice which we kind of ignored because the beef was so tasty. Yeah and the Miyeok guk (미역국) soup. So yeah, there was a lot of food but we really keyed in on the principle courses.
This is part of our Travel in South Korea video series showcasing Korean food, Korean culture and Korean cuisine.
Music in this video courtesy of Audio Network
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