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Canada Road Trip Vlog | Driving from Ontario to British Columbia

Join us for an epic Canada Road Trip in this vlog as we highlight our journey driving from the Ontario to British Columbia as a family traveling with a dog. As one of our last major trips of 2018 it was an incredible opportunity to travel with Audrey's family and Togo the German Shepherd across Canada. Basically we all piled into a van and drove roughly 9 to 12 hours per day over 4 days to arrive in Alberta before spending a couple of nights with a family friend before making the brief crossing over to British Columbia. Overall, our journey looked like this:
Day 1 Driving in Ontario and staying overnight in a cabin
Day 2 Once again driving in Ontario and staying overnight in a cabin
Day 3 Driving out of Ontario crossing through Manitoba and staying overnight in Saskatchewan in an airbnb
Day 4 Driving from Saskatchewan in to Alberta and staying overnight with a friend
Day 5 Exploring Alberta (which we'll show in another video) and staying overnight with a friend
Day 6 Crossing from Alberta to British Columbia
Basically if you're looking to do a road trip like this across Canada you can make it from Ontario to British Columbia in four busy days or a more comfortable 5 days.
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Canada Road Trip Vlog | Driving from Ontario to British Columbia Travel Video Transcript:
So here we have Togo he jumped in the car. He is ready for his road trip. Ready to see all of Canada. He looks so happy.
Well, good morning good morning. Good morning guys. We are kicking off this road trip. It is happening. It is happening. The plan. I feel like we haven't really explained it. We came up with the idea to do this last minute road trip with my family. With my parents with the dog. We're going to be driving from Ontario to BC. Yeah, British Columbia for those who don't know. Haha. British Columbia. Sam's home province. I haven't been there in over 10 years I'm so excited to go back. It is going to be fun. I've never been there before. It is going to be 4 days of driving to get there. We're going to show you guys the road trip and then once we get to BC we're going to be doing lots of hiking, visiting lakes, mountains, nature. It is going to be a good time and then on the way back we're planning to travel via the US if we can get across the boarder with this dog.
We want to hit the road. We've got three provinces in one day. It is very exciting. Want to name them all? We're leaving Ontario. We're going to Manitoba and then we're finishing off in Saskatchewan. We've got a lot of driving.
We are getting close to Regina. We like blasted through Manitoba. It took us two and half days to get through Ontario and just a few hours to get through Manitoba. Flat roads the whole way and yeah the scenery didn't really change. Like we started off with a little bit of forest as we crossed through Ontario into Manitoba and then it became flat like a pancake and it was mostly like farmland so it was a completely different change of scenery.
We are going to be continuing the road trip out to BC (British Columbia) so like yesterday we did a little bit of sightseeing around Alberta but now we're going to finish off strong so we have about three hours left to drive over across the Rockies.
I think we can say welcome to home sweet home. Where are we? Welcome to my home province of British Columbia guys. This is my first time in Invermere. It looks like a beautiful town and we're going to show you the house that we're staying in. This is going to be our little base as we explore BC and Alberta. The Rockies. But before we do that I've just got to show you how big the property is.
This is part of our Travel in Canada video series showcasing Canadian food, Canadian culture and Canadian cuisine.
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