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Clip: Be Yourself | Summer Again EP07 | 薄荷之夏 | iQiyi

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【Summer Again】is trending on iQiyi with multiple subtitles. Watch more episodes for FREE & ONLY on iQiyi App or Website!
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【Introduction】Aadapted from famous school comic of the same name. The girl who lived in a big city, Tong Xi returns to the seaside town to study where she once lived, and meets lin nanyi (Chen Heyi), who knows the bottom of her and knows the bottom of the city. That year because of misunderstanding with linnan heart mustard. After the reunion, Lin Nanyi always appeared around her, with his encouragement, Tongxi found their own dance dream. TongXi helped Linnan rekindle his passion for painting.

【Cast】Chen He Yi, Ni Ke Xin, Han Xin Yu, Zhuang Sen

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