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Is this the BEST JEEP KIT in the current WORLD?! The JK MAX made by CAPO Racing certainly could hold this title. Would you pay for a Kit that was already 90% upgraded before you built it?! What I mean is, would you buy a kit that comes almost 100% ALL METAL, machined, and well-engineered with a 2 stage transmission, moving scale accessories, and "all the fixings"? Or are you a hobbyist that enjoys getting a RTR (Ready To Run) model and get your choice of parts all over the world? This kit has been out for several years now, and is a very popular jeep. I did a complete build series on this model when it first hit the market in December 2018.
Here is a link to the playlist:
Since then, I have been able to enjoy this model and it all started in Palm Desert near the Coachella Valley, USA. Our first unveiling of this model on RC ADVENTURES in an EPIC crawling area that I still dream of until this day: This was something fantastic. Even with the Onboard footage, driving through the streets of California, you can hear the turbo whistling, and you can see the sun shining down on the palms. Such a beautiful area.
Then cam the install of the worlds FIRST ALL METAL "Airmatic" Air Ride Suspension Kit:
This is something of GLORY! Raising the ride height at the click of a button. Being able to Raise, or Lower the Front or Back, or Left, or Right side of the Jeep on command is incredible.
Then came the Electronic Remote Locking Sway Bar System.. like COME ON!! This is getting Crazy! With all of these options.. like Moving Steering Wheel, Lit up Dashboard, Cable Driven Steering.. etc.. There is a LOT to go Wrong.. but a WHOLE LOTTA RIGHT, GOIN' ON!
I find myself pondering.. once, long ago.. urning for this innovation to take place in the hobby. To finally see it become a reality is truly mind boggling and exciting!
With all of these options available to the public (if you know how to find them) and all of this quality provided in the original KIT - does this make the Capo JK MAX the best RC JEEP KIT available in the world?
Now, I wonder what is Next in this great hobby of Radio Control. It's always changing and always expanding - both in available technology and people who are becoming interested in it. New ideas, and fresh thought has brought this hobby to where it is today - and it is those same widgets that will get us to the next stage "tomorrow".
If you are interested in more info on the JK MAX.. (I have no affiliation with this site) : I have found information on the CAPO Products there.. and I am in my first order with them now. We will see how that goes..
In the mean time.. I will test my Suspension with a few Jumps and put it on the ARTICULATION RAMP to see if I can get it to flip over.. haha!
Enjoy the film!
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