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Eat All You Can Durian: Those were the days !

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Once upon a time there were durian havens spotted all over PJ and KL that offered the budget way to enjoy the best durians in town. Well, those were the days when for RM 10 gets all that you can chew, or swallow. There were even RM 9 durian buffet style ! Oh, how durian fans missed those days, which were not long ago actually. Nowadays, the "Eat All You Can" stall operators offer this style of marketing sometimes only on weekdays and for kampong durian species usually. The "Eat All You Can" prices now have moved up to RM25, more than doubled the price of those days !   Simply because the prices of durians have fluctuations all the time, like the share market they say. But they still attract the hardy durian fans from all over.  Don't just think how many durians you can eat at one sitting, now you have to think of how much you want to spend. Not surprising, real durian fans will not hesitate to spend  on their craving and come rain or shine will want to taste this King of Fruits whatever the cost !
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