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For The Love Of Durian, It's Penang!

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Durian, the King of Fruits, reigns supreme in Balik Pulau, Penang! From May through August Penang is the place to seek and savor this amazing,thorny fruit that you either love or hate! For the true durian fans and aficionados from Malaysia and overseas nothing can stop them from coming back year after year to this haven of durian. By car or in charted coaches the thrill is in the fruit. They say the fruit here is "special'' in terms of texture, flavor and fragrance. Some go for its smoothness, sweetness or creaminess. Indeed, you will find many species,grades  and varieties of durians all right here.From the popular Musang King to the classic kampung durian. Whatever it is the durian lovers will always leave with a satisfied stomach. At the main roads, the side ways or corners you will be able to find a durian stall big and small .There is a hive of attraction everywhere you turn. Durian consumed fresh off the tree is a real treat durian lovers look forward to. Hence, it's no surprising that nearby these stalls are where the fruits are gathered. Don't visit Penang without trying the King of Fruits right here it has its throne!
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