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Galbi (갈비): Korean Barbecue marinated short ribs in Seoul, Korea

When it comes to incredible Korean barbecue it is hard to top a Galbi (갈비) which is basically Korean marinated short ribs cooked on a grill. For our lunch we decided on Dwaeji Galbi (돼지갈비), pork short ribs, ordering a double portion for the two of us. The Korean meat came also with a host of side dishes, kimchi, jjigae (soup) and whole lot more. All in all it was another epic feast in Seoul, Korea.

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Galbi (갈비): Korean Barbecue marinated short ribs in Seoul, Korea Travel Food Video Transcript:
So for today's lunch we're actually first at the restaurant. This place is empty. It is about 11 AM but we were super hungry so we are going to be having something called Galbi (갈비) and that is marinated short ribs. You can get pork or beef. We've ordered pork because it is a little bit cheaper and it comes in a really sweet marinade which we really enjoy so we're going to be cooking those at the table. And another thing that sets Kalbi (갈비) apart from say Samgyeopsal (삼겹살) or another meat is that it is cooked over charcoal. So they're going to be bringing that soon and just putting it right there. I know. Super excited. This is like the ultimate Korean grill barbecue experience.
Alright guys, so the star of the meal has arrived. The is the Galbi (갈비) in its marinade which is made out of soy sauce, garlic and sugar. Now we're just waiting for the charcoal to arrive.
Okay, so Sam is ready to assemble his first piece. Oh man, you better believe it. The Galbi (갈비). I can't believe how kind the people are here. The service is incredible. Like they just. They cooked it for us. They didn't have to do that and they did. Which was so nice of them. I think like I mean we could have done it by ourselves but you know it is always nice to have a local doing it because they really know the ins and outs of cooking it.
So I am basically. I've got my piece of Galbi (갈비) and I've dipped it into some Ssamjang (쌈장) sauce here. Let me put a little bit more on. I've got onions, I've got lettuce and look here comes the jiggae (찌개).
So, yeah. They did an excellent job of cooking it. It is cooked well. I mean when you're having pork, when you're having the Dwaeji Galbi (돼지갈비) you want to make sure it is cooked well enough. And you really taste the marinade and then what I love the Ssamjang (쌈장) gives it a bit of a kick. That has red pepper paste and also the soy paste.
So now we're going to give you a tour off the side dishes (반찬) and we have a lot on the table.
Let's start on this side actually. Here we have some kind of salad with a spicy sauce. I'm not even entirely sure what the ingredients are here but it also has some sesame seeds, different greens.
We also have this light broth here that I've been drinking while Sam hasn't been paying attention. Yeah, it has got a lot of Pa (파) a lot of onions. Some chives. Cabbage. Then if we go over here this is the soup that comes with the rice. This is the Doenjang jjigae (된장 찌개). Yeah. And that is a soy bean paste soup and you can see the big tofu. The big chunk of tofu there. That is delicious. That is such a nice thing to accompany the kalbi (갈비).
And then over here we have Kimchi (김치). Gimchi (김치). Yep.
So it is so nice of them to bring over a Sikhye (식혜) which is basically like a basically like a sweet rice. It is a refreshing drink more or less with chunks of rice and some sugar added.
So it is time to wrap up that meal. Tell us how did our Galbi (갈비) feast cost?
You know what it is always a little bit of a sad occasion when a Korean barbecue ends because it is just so fabulous. So, that was fourteen thousand Won (원) each. So it came in total to twenty eight thousand Won (원). So ₩28,000 KRW. Which with current exchange is roughly about twenty five US dollars. So when you think about that twelve dollars and fifty cents for like all of this food. All of the meat. All of the side dishes. The drinks that you saw, even the dessert and a coffee. I mean to me that is phenomenal value. So when you're coming to Korea, especially to Seoul. Anywhere in Korea for that matter indulge in Korean barbecue. You won't be disappointed.
This is part of our Travel in South Korea video series showcasing Korean food, Korean culture and Korean cuisine.
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