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Gigi Hadid Celebrates Zayn Malik's Birthday with Z Necklace Photo!

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Gigi Hadid has declared January 12th Zday in honor of her boyfriend Zayn Malik. This means they’re official right?
Although they haven’t publicly confirmed their relationship, you don’t have to be detective Olivia Benson to figure out that then two are dating…actually Taylor Swift’s cat Olivia could probably figure it out with all of the clues their dropping…like their instagram pics, their date night outings in NY and LA, and now…Gigi’s birthday message to Zayn.
Former 1D star, Zayn Malik, celebrated his 23rd birthday yesterday, January 12th and Gigi wished him a happy birthday via Instagram, wearing a gold pendant necklace with the letter Z in the middle, writing “Zday 3”…yes that’s a heart emoji…and yes, that’s an artsy pic Gig.
Now, if you can pull your detective badges out again quickly, take a look at this photo we found of Zayn wearing the SAME necklace almost exactly a year ago. Did Zayn give this to Gigi?! We think so.
Now, I want to give her some credit because when you first start dating someone and they celebrate a birthday it can be kinda awkward. You want to go out opf your way and make it special but you also don’t want to be over the top.
But it seems like Gigi handeled his Z-Day really well.
A source told the Daily Mail UK QUOTE : 'Gigi and Zayn are spending the special occasion together. Gigi loves birthdays, so she is happy she can be their to celebrate with him…She got him some thoughtful gifts that he will really like.”
It looks like one of young Hollywood's hottest couples is here to stay. For now. What do you guys think? Was Gigi’s insta picture cute? And is the “Z” necklace she’s wearing a gift form Zayn? WHY won’t they publicly confirm their relationship?! They like keeping us guessing I think. Let me know all your thoughts in the comment section below, don’t forget to subscribe, and then click right here to check out Jennifer Lawrence’s red hot Fashion from the Golden Globes. Thanks for watching, I’m Danielle Robay, and I’ll see you next time!
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