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Go Green For Better Health !

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There is a lot of goodness in going green. This video shows you how a simple home made cocktail of greens can be a wonderful health drink or cocktail!
            Here is a mix of green peppers(capsicum), cucumber, celery, green apple, and bitter gourd plus some lime juice. It is as simple as mixing a suitable amount of each into a grinder and extract the green juice. The benefits of all these greens are almost similar to a certain degree. Bitter gourd, cucumber, celery and capsicum have antioxidant benefits, as well as lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Indeed, they strengthen the body's immune system and en reported to reduce cancer risks. It's definitely pure and fresh! You can even add some ice ice-cream or honey to give the taste you prefer. Just Google them and you will be surprised how they can be of benefit you and your family. Best of all, these greens are easily available economically  or can be easily cultivated at home. Have a toast to health with greens !
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