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Goreng Goreng ( Crispy Fried ) Batu Pahat !

Super Crispy Fried Treats Of Batu Pahat.
This video is literally  sizzling with the hot kuali of oil that this Hokkien-owned  stall owner is busy with. It is located along Jalan Pengkai ( Tam Chiak Kuey ) and the crispy offerings are wide and varied. There is the fried banana, fried yam balls, fried chempadak with seeds, and fried "nian gao" sandwiched with two slices of yam. The last item is often a delicacy during Chinese New Year but it's fried here regardless of the festive month! The crispy crusts of all these popular savouries will bring back fulfilling memories for many. Go for the wonderful fried crispy chempedak with seeds for a change.The crowd is constant and the Hokkien-chattering stall owner and customers are always at a fast pace.
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