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GREEK STREET FOOD TOUR | Best GYROS in Athens + traditional Greek steakhouse | ATHENS STREET FOOD

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We're in Athens, Greece! In this 4 part series we're exploring Athens to hunt down the best local Athens food. Today's it's all about Greek street food- we start off with the famous Greek pie- spanakopita. This spinach and phyllo pie is from a local bakery which churns out over 400 pies a day- they're really popular. Spinach and onion sandwiched between sheets of phyllo- the spanakopita is mouthwatering! Onwards to our next snack- the gyros! It took us ages to find a really good gyros to film as there are so many average ones out there! Gyros pita are a really popular street snack in Athens- they're made up of roasted meat carved off a vertical spit (like a doner kebab) and stuffed inside a pita with tzatziki, tomato, onions and chips. The one in this video features incredibly juicy, flavoursome pork. Next up, more pork from a traditional steakhouse. Thinly pounded pork steaks are cooked over charcoal and served with chips and bread. Drizzled with lemon juice and a sprinkling of oregano, the meat is so tender! We round off our Greek street food tour with ice cream from Kokkion, a local artisanal ice cream shop. We hope you enjoyed this Athens street food video, thanks for watching! #greekstreetfood #athensfood #greekfood #streetfood

What we ate and where we ate it:

Spanakopita at ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΚΟΝ, Solonos 73, Athina 106 79, Greece. Open Monday to Friday 6:15 to 8:15pm and Saturday 6:15am to 5:00pm.

Gyros at ΠΡΟΔΟΡΠΙΟΝ, Akadimias 52, Athina 106 79, Greece. Open Monday to Saturday 10:00am to midnight.

Pork steaks Telis Steakhouse, Evrypidou 86, Athina 105 53, Greece. Open 7 days 12:00pm to midnight. P.S Thanks to the American fella we bumped into who recommended this spot- we loved it!

Ice cream at Kokkion, Protogenous 2, Athina 105 54, Greece. Open Monday to Thursday 8:00am to midnight, Friday and Saturday 10:00am to 1:00am, Sunday 10:00am to midnight.

Watch the full Athens food series!

Athens Video 1: https://youtu.be/aZCicHUk2NU

Athens Video 2: https://youtu.be/FxpR99ZT3XI

Athens video 3: https://youtu.be/2lc9kf0ZLHc

Athens video 4: https://youtu.be/HZ_OiX2_QWI


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We’re Thomas and Sheena, food and travel fiends. We travel full time, hunting for the BEST local food in the world to showcase via our YouTube videos. Food is a window into a country's culture and one of the most exciting ways to get to know a place.

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