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Highlight EP35-36:The Final Battle | A Journey to Love | 一念关山 | iQIYI

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【Introduction】"A Journey to Love" is a period legend drama directed by Zhou Jingtao, known for "Noble Aspirations," and Zou Xi, known for "Ultimate Note." It stars Liu Shishi from "Brotherhood of Blade" and Liu Yuning from "The Long Ballad" in leading roles. The series tells the story of Ren Ruyi (played by Liu Shishi), the former left envoy of the State of An Zhu Yiwai, who, through a twist of fate, becomes a member of the welcoming delegation from the State of Wu. Together with Ning Yuanzhou (played by Liu Yuning), the leader of the State of Wu's Six Dao Hall, the free-spirited Yu Shisan (played by Fang Yilun), Princess Yang Ying (played by He Landou), the clever young man Yuanlu (played by Chen Youwei), and the imperial guard Qian Zhao (played by Wang Yizhe), they experience life and death and grow together. This series will be available for online streaming on the iQ.com international platform.

【Cast】Liu Shishi,Liu Yuning,Fang Yilun,He Landou,Chen Haoyu,Chang Huasen

《A Journey to Love》https://bit.ly/3GibedK
《Story of Kunning Palace》https://bit.ly/3FvfKVm
《Rising With the Wind》https://bit.ly/3YJWwED
《Romance on the Farm》https://bit.ly/3trzLtM
《Tiger and Crane》https://bit.ly/40LPrVg
《Bright Eyes in the Dark》https://bit.ly/3B89jpy
《My Journey To You》https://bit.ly/3BaJ2XV
《Her World》https://bit.ly/42GmQ3V
《Love You Seven Times》https://bit.ly/3YuemLB
《You From The Future》https://bit.ly/44SmmJa
《Exclusive Fairy Tale》https://bit.ly/3rCDtzX
《Mysterious Lotus Casebook》https://bit.ly/3V6kpTy
《Imperfect Victim》https://bit.ly/43oIXeB
《Divine Destiny》https://bit.ly/3AJEtnu
《Grandma's New World》https://bit.ly/3B29Md4
《An Actor's Rhapsody》https://bit.ly/3HKYWfj
《The Ingenious One》https://bit.ly/3cYFRK3
《Thirteen Years of Dust》https://bit.ly/412TknP
《The Magical Women》https://bit.ly/3Mjm734
《Pledge of Allegiance》https://bit.ly/3LRmEJA
《Miss Chun is a Litigator》https://bit.ly/3Z0LLwc
《Belonged To Your World》http://bit.ly/420lQHK
《Road Home》http://bit.ly/3Ll56Fq
《Flight To You》https://bit.ly/3Wr541k
《Hello Beautiful Life》http://bit.ly/3kYNkNA
《Warm on a Cold Night》http://bit.ly/3xMnjnl
《Taste of Love》https://bit.ly/3ZwvT5g
《Never Give Up》http://bit.ly/3kgUAE5
《Perfect Mismatch》https://bit.ly/3Ylk41P
《Love Me Like I Do》http://bit.ly/3JNQ5vb
《The Long Ballad》http://bit.ly/3kT56kQ
《Hello There》http://bit.ly/40bF1NU
《Viva Femina》http://bit.ly/3RcW5z2
《She and Her Perfect Husband》https://bit.ly/3IYrO50
《Wild Bloom》https://bit.ly/3UEaVi0
《New Life Begins》https://bit.ly/3WHlgMt

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一念关山, A JOURNEY TO LOVE, A Journey to love
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