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Hotel India - Ep.4 | TRULY

11.11 Single Day
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In this final episode featuring India's oldest and most famous hotel, we meet those directly connected to its illustrious past and those caught up in a tragic event from more recent times.
Tikka Singh's great-grandfather was a Maharajah who attended the inauguration of the hotel in 1903. Tikka – a man who would have been king - now has a day job working for French luxury brand Louis Vuitton and is one of five generations of his family to stay there. We also meet regular guest Ashish Ambrat, a self-made telecommunications millionaire. Growing up in modest circumstances, he dreamt of making it big and staying at the Taj. On the 26th November 2008, terrorists attacked the hotel claiming the lives of 31 people. Guests and staff relive the terrible events of that day, including Chef Raghu who was shot as he tried to evacuate guests. American oil heiress and long-term resident, Maria Mooers, recounts her experience of the terrorists who set out to destroy everything this 'palace of dreams' represented.
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