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"How I Met Your Mother" Worst Series Finale Ever? 9x23 & 9x24 Recap

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How I Met Your Mother came to an end on Monday night after an impressive 9-year run, and to say its series finale caused a controversy would be quite the understatement. What's up guys, thanks for coming back to Clevver News -- now we gotta warn you, if you haven't seen the How I Met Your Mother series finale yet and want to remain spoiler-free, go ahead and click onto a different Clevver story now! OK, now that that's out of the way, let me break down the episode for you. So basically, the series finale spanned over about 16 years, and showed us what happens to the "gang." Lily and Marshall end up with three kids, while Marshall eventually becomes "Judge Fudge." As for Barney and Robin, they get divorced a mere three years after getting married since Robin's job as a global news anchor really takes off. Then a few years down the line, Barney ends up getting a random conquest pregnant. Yes, Barney Stinson as a dad -- who would have thought you'd see the day? However, the moment he meets his daughter Ellie, is pretty sweet.

As for Ted, he FINALLY meets the Mother of his children -- whose name is Tracy McConnell! -- and they have two beautiful kids (Penny and Luke) and they wait seven years before they get married. While that's cute and all, many fans had their worst fears confirmed when we learned that the mother DIES. So when Ted starts off his "How I Met Your Mother" story in 2030, the Mother has already been gone for six years. And basically he used the story to get the OK from his kids to ask out Robin -- which he does. The finale scene of the series is Ted showing up at Robin's with a blue French horn, and we guess the rest is history. Yes. THAT'S HOW IT ENDED.

The Internet has been BUZZING about this finale since yesterday morning, and some have gone so far as to say as this series finale was the worst series finale of all time, comparing it to the infamous finale episodes of Lost and Dexter. This How I Met Your Mother ending frustrated fans who were upset that the last few seasons of the show were dedicated to Barney and Robin's union, only to have them take back everything they'd been forcing on viewers for the last couple years. Not to mention it's safe to say a lot of people got over the whole Ted/Robin thing YEARS ago, so seeing them end up together wasn't necessarily what everyone wanted. Also, the creators filmed the end scene with the kids during the first season, so they've basically known it was going to end this way FOR YEARS which further frustrated fans. However, despite the Internet's rage over the divisive, series co-creator Craig Thomas released this statement: QUOTE "The fact that we have been a TV sitcom that has received this much passion from fans, for 9 years (not just tonight) — thank you. We wrote a comedy with dramatic elements till the very end... We did a finale about life's twists and turns and that [what you expect] is not always what happens. Seriously -- no matter what you thought of tonight, THANK YOU. You were with us. We love you. Thanks for this ride."
And a lot of passionate show fans are saying 'YOU'RE SO NOT WELCOME.' So everyone is having all kinds of feels over this, and we want to know your thoughts. Were you happy with the way things ended? Or are you siding with the majority of the Internet and you actually absolutely hated it? Get that How I Met Your Mother debate going in the comments section. Also, make sure you click right here to watch the best ugly cries in Hollywood. I'm Dana Ward, thanks for watching Clevver. See you next time!

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