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Karapan Sapi : A Madura's Prestigious Annual Ceremony

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Karapan Sapi

Karapan Sapi, is Madura annual traditional event, it is such a bull racing tournament. It usually being held at week end within August to September, or ideally before or after the fasting month. Date back to the early begin, Karapan Sapi was exist before 15 Century. The championship is starting from the district level to the regency level and forwarded to the level Residence. Last, the final will be held on September or October in the city of Pamekasan to compete for President Cup.

Karapan Sapi is such a prestigious event for Madurese people, for the bull's owner will feel uplifted the social status if their bull can be a champion. This event is become an outstanding-event-party for Madurese, it needs more energy, more beneficial times and, of course, more money to spend. Regarding this event, the bull is become an investment out of gold and money. Thus, the owner will more concern to make their bull winning in this race.

At this race, the bull will race in pair. There is also standing wooden cart that putted in those bull's back, a place for the joky to ride away the bull and controling their fast, named Keleles. The track races are typically about 100 meters long and it takes about ten to fifteen seconds. Before racing the bull, each contingent teams will showing up their proudness bull in parade, accompanied by the Madura traditional instrumental named Saronen.

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