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Kendall Jenner ADMITS Kylie Pregnancy Announcement Was 'Weird'

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For the most part, baby announcements tend to be a joyous occasion for families who are expecting, butttt Kendall’s first reactions to Kylie’s pregnancy announcement was anything but. In fact, Kenny revealed to Elle’s guest interviewer Lana Del Rey that she thought everything about Kylie being pregnant was super weird – but like, in a good way.
In Kendall’s Elle profile, she opened up about Kylie’s pregnancy and basically insinuated that her baby sister expecting a baby was surprising to say the least.
Kendall said QUOTE, “Every time I think it’s eased up, someone’s popping out a baby. It’s obviously a bit weird that your little sister is having a baby before you. I didn’t expect it to happen like this. But it’s beautiful. It’s brought us closer together. We’ve always been very close, but we would butt heads all the time. This has made her a bit more loving towards me.”
I guess it’s safe to say that even though Kendall may have been weirded out about the whole sitch in the beginning, she’s grown to love her current situation with Kylie because nothing but positive things have come from Stormi joining their ever growing family.
Aside from opening up about baby Stormi and a pregnant Kylie, Kendall also talked about her anxiety, a topic in which she and Lana bonded over during their chat. Lana talked about her own struggles with anxiety and gave Kendall some advice on how to ease the discomfort that comes with the disorder.
After getting Lana’s advice on meditation and focusing on self-care, Kendall responded with QUOTE, “It’s interesting; ever since I said something about being anxious, a lot of people in the spotlight have come to me, being like, ‘Oh my God, me too!’ There’s this community. I take what they do to help themselves and piece it together to find what helps me.” Luckily for Kendall she’s got a pretty solid support group when it comes to her anxiety.
What did you guys think of Kendall’s Elle interview? Were you surprised to find out that she felt something other than happiness for Kylie when she found out about Stormi? Let me know all your thoughts on this in the comment section below. When you’re done with that, click right over here to get all the details on Taylor Swift calling out Kim Kardashian on her Reputation Tour. Thanks so much for hanging with me right here on Clevver Newsfeed, I’m your girl Sinead de Vries, don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see ya next time!
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