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KL's Migrant Workers Festive Break Home Ground

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Imagine a city like KL during long Malaysian festive breaks. The city folks go back to their hometowns to be with their families. The city is usually empty. But thousands of migrant workers on these breaks have no hometown to go back to. So they make their own plans to have their own kind of gatherings in the heart of the city of KL.This video captures the odd ambience of  KL's Jalan Silang being swamped with foreigner workers of all nationalities. Bangla, Pakis, Nyamars, Indons and some others.
They all seem to know where they are suppose to meet and have some siesta time together. Lonely souls , freedom souls and some just want to have some familiar companions around.Indeed, they make themselves feel at home in a foreign country.Some of us welcome they , some do not. Nevertheless, they are humans and many of them help build own nation In one way or another. They have been good to Malaysia, and Malaysia is paradise for them too. Far from home and family the city roads, malls,  parks and passage ways are their home ground for a day or two during these festive breaks. Indeed, KL has become such an interesting melting pot of cultures and nationalities from far away places that we may not normally visit. So, why not go to Jalan Silang during the next festive or national holiday break and taste it first-hand !
UPDATE : This video could be the last record of the festive break that some migrant workers can enjoy as come July 1st those migrant workers without valid work permits or E-Card will have to be deported home. Watch out for a follow up video on this subject soon in this channel.    
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