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Kylie Jenner AWKWARDLY Posted & Deleted Video Of Jaclyn Hill's Lipsticks!

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Kylie Jenner just endorsed Jaclyn Hill’s super controversial lipsticks and YIIIIKES. Can we just say AWKWARD!
What’s Up guys, its Sussan Mourad here on Clevver News and come on Kylie… it’s safe to say you’re on your phone like, 85 percent of the time… IDK maybe Google the next product you endorse BEFORE you post?
The lip kit queen took to Instagram yesterday to post about Jaclyn Hill’s new lipsticks, saying she couldn’t wait to try them.
She posted a quick unboxing, calling the packaging “magical”
And yes, even though Kylie has her OWN lipsticks (and so does her sister, Kim)... it’s not unusual for her to support her fellow makeup moguls.
Except for the fact that the internet has been REALLY, really...REALLY mad about Jaclyn’s new lipsticks. As you might already know, we reported here on Clevver that fans were saying Jaclyn’s lipsticks had black dots and even HAIRS in them. Yes, hairs? Like who’s hair? Human hair? Dog hair? I don’t know what’s worse?!
Anyway, moving on--
Kylie must have gotten the memo PRETTY quickly after posting her promotion of Jaclyn because she deleted her story off of Instagram almost immediately.
Jaclyn responded to the backlash her lipsticks received, with explanations for everything in a 14-minute long video. She said the hairs were from cotton gloves… the texture issues were from lipsticks not being blended properly… and so forth.
Kylie’s no stranger to makeup backlash. Her own lip kits received a TON of hate when they first launched, with people complaining about the quality of the brushes at the hefty pricetag. Kylie took everyone’s feedback and reworked the brushes and lipstick formula for her next launch.
So hey, nobody’s perfect, right? Like Kylie, Jaclyn did her part to try and make things right.
And you have to figure as a 21 year old billionaire, Kylie may have been a little distracted and missed the Jaclyn Hill drama before she posted. I’m sure her 138 million followers set her straight pretty quickly.
What do you think? Should Kylie have done her research before she posted the story endorsing the lipsticks? Do you think she made the right call deleting the post, or should she have left it up in support of her pal? Let us know in the comments below!
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