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Kylie Jenner Spills NEW Secrets About Pregnancy, Weight Gain & Biggest Challenges

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Kylie may have left us in the dark for nine months, but now she’s finally spilling all of the details on her pregnancy!
Alright, you guys… it looks like Kylie Jenner just answered all of our questions!
As we all know by now, Kylie Jenner welcomed her daughter Stormi at the very beginning of last month, and after remaining extremely tight-lipped throughout the entire pregnancy, she finally got around to answering fans’ burning questions on Twitter over the weekend.
In a fan Q&A on Sunday night, Kylie revealed tons of details about her pregnancy, including which sister she told first! Kylie wrote, QUOTE, “I think it was Khloe! Maybe Kourtney” Hmm…
And of course, fans were DYING to know about Mama Kris’s reaction to the pregnancy news, and according to Kylie, she couldn’t have handled it any better! Kylie said, QUOTE, “She was sooo supportive. I love my mama.” Aww!
That wasn’t all, though! Kylie also revealed that, for the most part, the pregnancy was pretty easy! In fact, it went so well that she said the hardest part about it was that she had to refrain from eating sushi! Luckily, she wasn’t craving sushi at all. Instead, she was craving Eggos waffles, which she said she never liked before pregnancy, and hasn’t eaten since giving birth. She also said she craved In n out and donuts too, but to be honest… who doesn’t?!
Kylie also shared tons of other secrets in the Q&A as well, like how great Travis is with the baby, how they thought they would be having a boy, how Stormi just can’t stop smiling! She also said that Stormi’s already besties with Kim’s newborn, Chicago! But, as if that wasn’t enough, Kylie also got real about her pregnancy weight gain, saying that she gained a total of 40 pounds in a tweet that she later deleted.
That wasn’t all for fan questions, though! When a fan asked to see some maternity photos, Kylie responded by saying, QUOTE, “I have tons! Maybe I’ll share one day.”
She also left fans with an empowering message about childbirth. When one Twitter user expressed their fears about giving birth and asked Kylie if she was scared, Kylie said, QUOTE, “I wasn’t afraid! & you shouldn’t be either. We were made for this.” Moms… they’re so strong!
But even though Kylie’s been low key about the whole thing up until now, it looks like we may get more glimpses into the new mom’s life pretty soon! In fact, Kylie’s already starting to share more, posting a photo to Instagram on Sunday of Stormi being held by her great-grandmother, MJ. Kylie captioned the photo by saying, QUOTE, “I mean… does it get any better than this?”
So what do you guys think about Kylie’s recent Twitter Q&A about her pregnancy and the baby? Let us know in the comments section below, and then click right over here to find out exactly why Kim shaded her enemies on Valentine’s Day. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Renee Ariel and I’ll see you next time!
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