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Liam Hemsworth's New GF TROLLS Kylie Jenner For Halloween!

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Liam Hemsworth’s rumored girlfriend Maddison Brown may not have dressed up with Liam for Halloween, but she dressed up as Kylie Jenner and it was everything.What’s up? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and in case you forgot, a couple weeks ago Liam Hemsworth was seen packing on the PDA with fellow Australian actress Maddison Brown.The internet was completely shook over these two coupling up, but lots of fans were here for it.A source told Us Weekly that quote, “He’s so into Maddison and really likes her. Liam feels like Maddison gets him and understands him, partly because she is also Australian. They also both share similar senses of humor.”And when they were spotted out together a source said quote, “Liam and Maddison were both smiling and laughing ... They looked really great together and seemed very at ease with each other. It was romantic, but they seemed like friends enjoying each other’s company.”
And I’m just happy that they are happy! But Liam and Maddison have been pretty low key since that PDA sesh. Unlike Liam’s ex, Miley Cyrus, who has been VERY public about her relationships since she and Liam split back in August.We saw Miley and her fling Kaitlynn Carter get their PDA all summer long and now don’t even get me started on Miley and Cody Simpson’s Instagram love fest.I mean just since yesterday Miley has shared 16 new photos and videos on her IG feed with Cody doing everything from kissing, to posing in their Halloween costumes, to full on making out. That video is like Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello status. No one needed to see that and now we can’t unsee it.Seriously the amount of PDA they serve is a little much for me, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss today.We’re here to talk about Maddison Brown’s amazing Halloween costume.And like I said, Liam and Maddison weren’t spotted out together yesterday, and while I would’ve love to have seen a coordinated couples costume, Maddison made up for it with her costume.
I honestly think she won Halloween.She dressed up as Kylie Jenner in her iconic "Rise and Shine" video.And while she wasn’t the only person with this costume, she was definitely one of the best.She rocked a black wig and wore a fake Chanel dress.The first pic Maddison shared was this one of her getting ready with the caption saying quote, “hrrrrRiseee and shaaaiiiiine #happyhalloween
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