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Liam Hemsworth's OVER Miley Cyrus & Serious With New GF Gabriella Brooks!

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Nearly five months after filing for divorce from Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth has moved on from the heartbreak and is getting serious with his new boo.What’s up? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and new year new Liam Hemsworth! Am I right?! In 2019 we saw Liam in some highs and some lows but it looks like 2020 is only looking up for him!We all know that Liam filed for divorce from Miley Cyrus in August after less than one year of marriage and 10 years of on-off dating.Miley moved on quickly and publicly with Kaitlynn Carter and then Cody Simpson, who she is still currently seeing.But as for Liam, he was a bit more private about his new relationships. AKA he wasn’t posting about them on social media like Miley was, but that doesn’t mean he was afraid to step out in public with a new flame.At the end of 2019, Liam had a PDA filled outing with Dynasty actress and fellow Aussie, Maddison Brown, but it seemed like that relationship was nothing more than a quick fling.They were spotted together in NYC kissing, holding hands, and bar hopping, but we didn’t hear too much from them after that.A source told Us Weekly that quote, “Liam and Maddison weren’t that serious and were mainly having fun together.”But now Liam has supposedly moved on to a relationship that seems to be getting more and more serious by the day.Liam’s new relationship with 21-year-old Australian model Gabriella Brooks is apparently no casual fling.According to People Magazine, Liam is already devoting a lot of time to her and a source told them that it's "getting serious."In case you forgot, in mid-December Gabriella was spotted with Liam in Byron Bay, Australia. But that wasn’t all.She was being introduced to his parents and some of his family friends and the paparazzi pics of this intro are actually what sparked public dating rumors about the duo in the first place.But now, People confirmed that quote, “Liam and Gabriella have spent a lot of time in Australia together. And Gabriella has met Liam’s siblings and his parents.”And a source told Us Weekly that quote, “Liam feels comfortable with Gabriella. His family approves of her and really likes her, which is very important to him.”And while Liam hasn’t said anything publicly about Gabriella, he confirmed their relationship by kissing her on the beach which of course, was also caught on camera by paparazzi photographers.They were also cuddling and hugging and looked totally comfortable together and completely unbothered by anyone else around. So clearly, things are heating up between these two and if it makes Liam happy, we are so here for it!But what is it about Gabriella that makes her such a good fit for Liam and do we think this one will last? Well, according to People Mag they like doing the same things like exercising, surfing, and relaxing at the beach. And according to a source, Liam's friends get along with her. Which is obviously important.The source also added that Liam has just been in an overall great mood. Which is great to hear! We don’t miss sad Liam at all, we love a happy Liam and ship him with whoever makes him happy.And in case you’re still wondering who is Gabriella and what should we know about her now that she’s dating Mr. Hemsworth?Let’s start with the fact that she’s a successful 21 year old model from Sydney. So yes, she’s another Aussie for Liam, just like Maddison Brown. It seems like he is looking for one of his own. And I completely understand that. Maybe he just wants to be home more and closer to his family. We all know that the Hemsworth clan is close.Another fact you may be interested to know about Gabriella is that she dated the band 1975’s frontman Matthew Healy for four years.Apparently Gabriella and Matthew broke up in fall of 2019.So both Gabriella and Liam were coming off long-term relationships and going through recent breakups, so maybe they understand where each other are at during this time.Gabriella also seems to be a dog lover like Liam.And we already know that they also both love working out and surfing at the beach. So it seems like these two could be a really good fit.And fans are starting to get on board with this new couple, though it always takes time after a big split like Liam and Miley’s for people to start shipping a celeb with someone new.We can’t wait to see where this goes and if Liam and Gabriella end up going IG official soon.But I want to know what you guys think about all of this.Do you think Liam and Gabriella are built to last? Or do you think this will just be another fling? Also, do you ship these two? Let me know down in the comments below.
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