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Little Mix's Jesy Nelson Speaks Out About ADDICTION!

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Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson just spoke out on her past addiction to reading hurtful comments and her mental health struggles after years of bullying on social media.
What’s up? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News before we get into this story, I just wanted to give everyone a trigger warning that this video has some sensitive topics that some may find upsetting! This includes things like eating disorders and suicidal thoughts so please only watch if you are comfortable.
Jesy Nelson of Little Mix recently spoke to the Guardian ahead of her new BBC documentary, “Odd One Out,” about mental health and online bullying.
Her doc comes out this week which also happens to be national suicide prevention week in the states and world suicide prevention day on Tuesday September 10.
And in her recent interview, Jesy opened up about her suicide attempt after years of cyberbullying.
Jesy has been open about her struggle with body image for a very long time, which she says started back when she first shot to stardom on “X Factor” in 2011.
Even back then, the internet trolls slammed her weight and her appearance which took a huge toll on her mental health.
She described winning The X Factor as quote "the worst day of her life," because that was when the nasty comments really began to escalate.
During that time, Jesy said she developed a kind of "addiction" to reading critical comments online.
She said quote, “I had a routine of waking up, going on Twitter, searching for the worst things I could about myself. I’d type in the search bar: ‘Jesy fat’, or ‘Jesy ugly’, and see what would come up. Sometimes I didn’t even need to do that, I’d just write ‘Jesy’ and then I’d see all the horrible things.”
Jesy went on to talk about how she felt she like she had to come across as a strong, confident woman while feeling like "an absolute mess" inside.
She went on to explain how even when people were trying to be funny how hurtful it was.
Jesy said quote, “I’d become a bit of a joke. People would make memes, chopping my head off in a group photo and putting a monster or E.T. on there. I’d be in live Q&As and these things would pop up and I’d have to just sit there.”
And things escalated in 2013 during the lead up to Little Mix’s second album, Salute.
During this time her mom even tried to get her to quit the band because she was in such a bad place.
According to The Guardian, during this time Jesy had depression, an eating disorder, and had even attempted suicide.
She said that she felt trapped and that quote, “I felt that I physically couldn’t tolerate the pain any more.”
But Jesy had a turning point the following year when Little Mix spent six weeks travelling across North America, opening for Demi Lovato.
She recalled one day on the tour bus when the dancers pulled her aside and told her she had to quit Twitter, and she finally deleted her account.
Jesy said quote, “It was a long, hard process, because I didn’t want to help myself. But it wasn’t until I deleted Twitter that everything changed for me and I slowly started to feel normal again.”
Then through more regular therapy and talking to friends and family, Jesy eventually was able to stop reading nasty comments and articles about herself, even as Little Mix’s star continued to climb.
Jesy also talks about how healing making the documentary has been for her mental and emotional health. It’s helped her gain her confidence back and she’s even rejoined Twitter.
She’s even enjoyed the part of creating the documentary that involved going over footage from The X Factor, which was a difficult, but ultimately empowering, experience.
And she’s so right.
But Jesy isn’t the only Little Mix member who’s dealt with online bullying.
And we are so glad she is in a better place and it’s amazing she is using her platform to raise awareness for this topic.
It’s certainly not just celebs who deal with cyber bullying, we just hear about it more when it’s someone in the spotlight.
This is something that tons of people face, so it’s amazing when a celebrity talks about this important topic.
But I want to know what you guys think.
Do you like when celebs open up about their struggles? And will you be watching Jesy’s documentary this week?
Let me know down in the comments below.
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