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Malacca's Handicraft Bazaar In Teluk Mas

11.11 Single Day
Teluk Mas is an old kampong community situated along the major trunk road to the city of Malacca. Nothing much ever happens here except for the infamous Henry Gurney School for wayward boys. But there is a hive of activities at the big Teluk Mas Bazaar that if you driving you can't miss. This video shows what you can expect all under one roof. Yes, lots of handicrafts, especially made from mengkuang and cane. From baskets, containers, chairs, to baby cots, sling shots, even samurai shaped paraphernalia. All intricately handmade by the locals in the community and always a colourful sight to behold. You can expect a more reasonable price here compared to the city. Surely, you will end up with an interesting and useful item to take home to showcase. Check it out !
Seni - Arts
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