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Malaysians gather at Subang Airport to 'stop' Najib from 'leaving country'

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A crowd of about 60 people and members of the press have gathered outside Subang Airport in hopes of "catching" former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak and his wife as they leave the country.
This came after his purported flight itinerary was leaked online, which indicated that the duo were scheduled to depart from the airport to Jakarta at 10am today.
This initially sparked fear that Najib and his wife were about to flee the country following BN's spectacular fall from grace following Wednesday's general election.
However, a source close to him told Malaysiakini Najib was merely embarking on a two-day trip.
Najib, too, had said on social media that he is about to take a break to spend time with his family.
Things at the airport became tense when a Toyota Velfire with heavily-tinted windows and no road tax stickers turned up at the airport's Post 6 at 9.30am, which is the gate that leads directly to the airport's Skypark Business Avaiation Centre.
Many in the crowd mobbed the vehicle, with some attempting to peer through the windows and others demanding to know who was inside. All while police attempted to maintain order and press photographers jostle for a shot.
This kept on for several minutes until one of the windows briefly wound down to reveal Arau MP-designate Shahidan Kassim, and he was promptly let through the gate along with another vehicle that appeared to carry only its driver.
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