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Miley Cyrus BRAGS About Sex Life With Liam Hemsworth

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Miley Cyrus was on the cover of Cosmopolitan’s September issue and to celebrate Ellen came up with what we hope will become a regular game on her show.
“Lady Time With Ellen and Miley” featured questions from Cosmo quizzes back in the 70’s.
The first question being, “Your sex life with your lover can best be compared to…” with three options to choose from.
Now we all know Miley’s lover is the handsome as heck Liam Hemsworth, so let’s prepare ourselves for a little dish on the pair’s sex life.
Miley answered c. a commuter trip on a concorde jet.
And when Ellen laughed and said she must have no time to waste Miley added QUOTE, “I gotta go, I got an album comin’ out.”
Now I think Miley chose the best answer out of the three choices. Rollercoaster ride: over in a few minutes and you feel nauseous afterward, luxury cruise--WAY too long and you feel nauseous during.
She doesn’t typically get so candid about her relationship, and especially not her sex life, but in typical Ellen fashion she can get almost any celeb to open up about that kinda thing in very natural ways.
The next two questions they answered definitely showed how far Cosmo has come since the 70’s.
One said “your lover wishes you were more” with the options “slender, informed, or attractive”
To which Miley responded with a disgusted look on her face QUOTE, “This is insane!” and added, “This seems very sexist and wrong. I’m glad we’ve evolved. I’m glad Cosmo has evolved.”
But Miley did end up answering “informed” while Ellen said her lover likes her just the way she is.
Here’s to hoping Miley was just picking the lesser of three evils! But now I want to know all your thoughts on Lady Time with Miley and Ellen. Could you answer questions like that in front of your grandma?! Tell us in the comments below and then click right over here to see Miley schooling Ellen on millennials. Thanks for watching Newsfeed, I’m your host Ava Gordy and we’ll see you guys next time!
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