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Musang King No Stock? 爱恨猫山王

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Sharp Demand Pricks Prices Up For Musang King !
  The incredibly popular musang king durian species is running out of stock ! Yes, this is because the demand is high. Not surprisingly the price of this king of fruit is also rising too. Look at the signages at the stalls. "Sold Out" musang king is seen. Prices it seems will shoot up to RM100 per kilo anytime. And who knows when it will go up or down. Traders  liken this to the stock market ! Believe it or not, consumers or  buyers are not just the locals, the Chinese from China ,and Hong Kong, plus Singaporeans  have become a big factor affecting demand, supply and affecting pricing ! The enterprising Chinese are  now shipping them back  to market in China ! Is there a tipping point ? When will it stabailise ? Musang king will soon be a commodity only few can afford. No one knows as the demand of this fruit is very popular in China. And the market is huge. Unfortunately, the local customers  are feeling the heat too. Malaysians have to settle for the second best fruits right in their home country or pay for uncertainty till eternity to enjoy their musang king ! How sad indeed.
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