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Nikko to Tokyo to Takayama | Train and Bus Travel in Japan

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Come join us for a busy day of travel in Japan as we head from Nikko to Tokyo by train followed by a bus ride to Takayama. Our day started off in Nikko where we reluctantly said goodbye to our favorite destination thus far from our travels in Japan. Taking the train in Japan has been our favorite mode of transportation and it was wonderful to have such a scenic ride on a sunny morning from Nikko to Tokyo.
Upon arriving in Tokyo we took the metro to nearby Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal which just happens to be right beside Shake Shack. Naturally, we devoured a few burgers at Shake Shack before boarding our bus from Tokyo to Takayama.
The weather changed from overcast to torrential downpour as we arrived in Takayama. Without proper umbrellas, we waded through the flooding streets (obviously we couldn't film to protect our camera gear) until we finally found our apartment with some help from a kind local couple. After checking in I grabbed us a quick bite from Family Mart before called it a day.
Overall, it was an extremely bus day of travel in Japan alternating between taking the train and bus but we are very excited to be in Takayama.
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Train and Bus Travel in Japan from Nikko to Tokyo to Takayama! Video Transcript:
The travels through Japan continue. Yep. We're actually we were on our way to the train station and we saw this like crazy monkey shaking a tree. Yeah. That is the first monkey we have seen in Nikko.
it is a travel day so we are leaving Nikko behind and we are traveling to Takayama. Yeah. But we have to go via Tokyo in order to connect. So we're going to be taking the train down to Tokyo. Getting on the metro going to the Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal and then getting on a bus.
So it is going to be a long day. I don't think we're going to reach our final destination until like 8:30 PM tonight. Yeah. But we're going to bring you along for the ride as usual. Indeed. Let's get started.
One person this price. Okay. Two persons.
Here is your departure time. Nine fifty seven. Platform number four. Number four.
Okay so we are all sorted with our train tickets. I think I already mentioned this on the journey up to Nikko but basically the Nikko Pass only covers like the slowest mode of transportation to get here and back to Tokyo. Yep.
But it involves like a whole bunch of transfers. So we opted to upgrade our ticket and pay a little bit more and it is just directly there. We don't have to be hauling our luggage on and off on and off.
Our upgrade wasn't too much. It was 2000 something? Yen. Yeah. For both of us. Like a little bit over 10 dollars per person to upgrade. Which isn't bad. That is not bad.
Which is great. Which means we're on a faster more direct train. Yes, and we can relax and enjoy the scenery. So we're scheduled to arrive in Tokyo at 11:45 AM. Which gives us about 2 hours. No, even more. Yeah, two and a half hours. Two and a half hours at least. To get to the bus terminal. Have some lunch. I think that is plenty of time.
Back in Tokyo. Welcome to the Jungle. Yeah, we're back in the urban jungle of Tokyo.
Basically we have to take a metro to Shinjuku. We still have our transportation cards from Tokyo. Yes. We have a little bit of credit left on them. We have the Suica card here.
And so yeah the plan is we still have over two hours before we catch the bus so we'll arrive in Shinjuku find some lunch and then wait to catch the bus later.
What is going on? What is going on? We are back at Shake Shack. How many times on this trip have we been here?
Well we've arrived and torrential downpour. Yeah, there is actually a storm. There has been thunder and lightening now for about the past hour. Yes. And we've arrived and as we were coming in it is like basically the streets are flooding.
This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture and Japanese cuisine.
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