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Nothing you can’t solve with a traditional Sichuan hot pot这世界上没有什么事情是一顿地道老四川火锅解决不了的|Liziqi channel

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Liziqi channel
It’s so cold outside, let’s make a traditional Sichuan hot pot at home! The boiling red soup brings all the trouble away, it warms your heart and stomach. There’s nothing you can’t solve with a homemade Sichuan hot pot!外面那么冷,在家整一锅地道老四川火锅吧!沸腾的清红汤锅底咕嘟咕嘟煮走所有烦恼,简直暖心又暖胃!这世上没有什么事情是一顿火锅解决不了的!

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