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Parents Feed Cerebral Palsy Daughter Mouth To Mouth: EXTREME LOVE

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A DEDICATED couple have raised an abandoned disabled child, keeping her alive by feeding her mouth-to-mouth like a bird. Li Huanme found her daughter, Likun, 16 years ago in the hallway of the hospital in Shanxi Province, north China, while working as a cleaner. Fearing the tiny baby would die, Li Huanme took Likun home and she and her husband, Zhao Yuchun, have cared for the child ever since. They feed Likun, who has cerebral palsy, by chewing her hot food and transferring it from their own mouth into hers. Likun eats three meals per day, each with a feeding time of around two hours. But despite the time-consuming routine, the couple, who also have two older children, have pledged never to abandon their adopted daughter.
Videographer / director: Luo Xiang
Producer: Shannon Lane, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Marcus Cooper
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