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Plus-Size Disabled Model Transforming The Way We Look At Beauty

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POSING for modelling shoots in swimming pools and remote castles may sound glamorous but for aspiring model Katie Knowles, it’s more than just a creating a good photo. The 25-year-old from Newcastle wants to make history by becoming the first plus size disabled model in the UK. Katie was diagnosed with crippling conditions disc degenerative disease and spinal stenosis - or as she calls them ‘the granny diseases,’ as they can result in loss of mobility, pain and paralysis - when she was 15. After surgery and a few months of rehabilitation, Katie was once again leading an active life – enjoying her love of badminton, horse riding and ballet. However, her recovery was short lived and as the pain worsened she had to undergo major surgery four years later.
Videographer / director: David Hare
Producer: Nathalie Bonney, Nick Johnson
Editor: Sonia Estal
Photo Credits: Bylaurajayne, Jade Baker Photography, Lucy-Rose Wilson-Green, Craig McNair
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