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PUNE FOOD TOUR! Foreigners trying INDIAN SWEETS and TANDOORI CHAI | Pune, India

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Come join us for a Pune Food Tour as we try eating an assortment of Indian Sweets, drinking Tandoori Chai and fresh coconut juice along with visiting Parvati temple. As foreigners in India it was our first time to try these Indian sweets and also Tandoori Chai which is a unique to this one shop in Pune, India.
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We kicked things off by going to Parvati hill where we struggled to climb to the top given the heat and humidity but were rewarded with panoramic views of Pune and some fascinating temples to visit including Parvati temple.
Prior to our Uber arriving we grabbed some freshly prepared coconut water which was refreshing and delicious. When then headed to the famous Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale to sample the following Indian sweets:
A) Kaju Katli B) Keshar Katli C) Kaju Kesar Rolls D) Badam Mewa
F) Bhākarwadi (savory)
After negotiating for an autorickshaw we finished our Pune Food Tour by trying Tandoori Chai! It was quite the experience where we were in awe of the preparation and quality of the chai.
If you're thinking of visiting Pune we highly recommend it for the unique foods you can try as well as some fascinating attractions worth exploring.
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PUNE FOOD TOUR! Foreigners trying INDIAN SWEETS and TANDOORI CHAI | Pune, India Travel Video Transcript:
Hey guys what is up. Greetings from Pune, India. This is our last day here and we thought we'd have a day of sightseeing, eating some really cool unique food and also trying some chai.
We are going to try Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale. Okay. It is really a famous spot in Pune. And also we're going to try some chai. Chai. Yeah.
What is special about this chai? Most of the people drink chai daily
I think so if we get a chance we will try Tandoori Chai today. Actually it is a chai in which a pot is boiling in a bowl of charcoal. The pot which is used to drink chai it has been boiled at around temperatures at which chai gets hot.
Parvati hill is a hillock rising 640 meters above sea level where you'll find the impressive Parvati Temple. As the oldest heritage structure in Pune built during the Peshwa Dynasty visitors can climb up 103 steps for the most scenic panoramic views of Pune.
We are going to Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale right now. Yep. It is in the part of Pune. So basically Bandhu is famous for its Indian sweets and Bhākarwadi. Oh wow. Most of people of Pune love to eat Bhākarwadi.
I've got two plates of I think they're mostly local sweets. And there is one of them that is apparently isn't that sweet so I'm going to start off with that one.
Bhākarwadi. And that is the most famous? Yeah. Of the local dishes. I'm going to try that right now.
Hahaha. That thing is dense man. It is not sweet at all. At all. At all.
An acquired taste.
Keshar Katli. And was is it?
Saffron and cashews. Let's try this one then.
Oh my gosh. So sweet. It has got like that nutty taste too.
Don't you guys think it looks like tinfoil? And it is not. What is it actually? It is called Kaju Kesar
Next up I'm having Badam Mewa and it has almonds. Almonds. Mawa. And sugar. Almonds, mawa and sugar.
This is the Tandoori Chai outlet. So basically they serve chai in this metal bowl.
So they boil this mudka heat it up at some degree. Yeah. So that the mudka gets really hot. And they pour the chai in it and then serve this in this hot mud cup. So basically that is why it is called Tandoori Chai. Oh wow. That is so cool.
Yeah it is going to be cool and it is going to be hot.
Guys did you have a fun time going around Pune today eating and sightseeing? I loved it. I loved it too. We had a great time.
This is part of our Travel in India video series showcasing Indian food, Indian culture and Indian cuisine.
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