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RC ADVENTURES - Earth Digger 4200XL Excavator, RC Tonka Dump Truck, Graupner Liebherr Loader

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Click Here To Subscribe! ► - Spring is finally here and it's time to get the yard work started. Just like every year before, my wife asked me to clean up the front garden. Well, I am more prepared then ever to take on this task. I cracked open a cold one.. and got to work right away. Digging the garden and smoothing out the top soil. The sun was shining, the sky dotted with clouds - but that didn't slow me down a bit.

The Excavator I got at "RC4WD". It's an online store that sells heavy duty equipment at a fairly decent price. Let's face it - for those that know, RC construction equpiment is expensive, but there are ways to do things yourself. (ps - here's the store link for RC4WD )

The Tonka truck was converted for me by an RC ADDiCT and fabricator "JRPRC" here is his YouTube channel: He's got a FULL Build Video Series if you are interested in converting your OWN Tonka Truck in to a working RC!

The Tonka Truck is an Axial SCX10 trail truck, broken down to fit on the chassis of the Tonka Truck. I DID Switch the Tires to a larger size. I wanted maximum height on the dump truck, and as it has NO suspension the tires really count. I also got the tires & rims at RC4WD. The Axial SCX10 I got at PMHobbycraft.com (my local hobby store.) I am powering the truck with a GensAce Battery (3s 5000mah) Lipo. I go the battery at Hobbypartz.com

The excavator is an original "Graupner". The plastic on the cab was SO Old it became brittle. On a roll over, it shattered. but no matter - as spring/summer time loading can be done in an open cab! I think my driver enjoyed the fresh air. You can not buy this loader anymore - it is an "antique"!

All of my RC construction equipment is hydraulic based. All but the Dump Truck. The dump truck is powered by Firgelli actuators. () Check out there amazingly powerful equipment for RC!

My friends, I hope you enjoyed my video today..and I earned your Like click and Subscription!

Thanks for viewing my video, and RC is an AWESOME Addiction!

Where I get my RC's:

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