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Click to Subscribe! ► - My goal in filming this video, is to give you ideas on how to build YOUR Backyard, Area, or Park. Truly, backyard courses are a labour of love. They are always evolving. This is my first complete run on a newly made scale course at the RCSparks Ranch. We posted a video about making this course here:
After everybody left, (from filming the building video), all of the next day I spent adding to the course. I built a rope suspension bridge, worked on the scale mud pit (15' long, 14" wide, pond lining and mud to come ), as well as added a Side Tip obstacle on the end ramp, as well as added difficultly to different areas. I chose to run my H2 Hummer, as the gear mesh is nicely done, as well as the wider Pitbull Tires. The rims are aluminum bead-locks, that add weight to the bottom of the truck. Weight helps keep the truck planted with a solid center of gravity. Today I am running a 3s Lipo (2200mah), powering a Tekin FXR ESC. The receiver is a 2.4 Spektrum based product.
If you would like to leave comments or suggestions on how we can improve this park - please do in the comment section below! I have many plans already in the works, and would love to hear your ideas too! This area will be one of constant change and add-ons. I am installing a water system, so I can make it rain on demand. Should be pretty cool! I would like a lights system, so we can do some evening crawls too..
I hope you enjoyed todays film, and maybe I've even earned your Subscription! Subscribe now.. its free, and keeps you up to date on all the fun we have here at the RCSparks Ranch!
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